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Day Porters: Who They Are and What Services They Offer

To put it simply, day porters and day porter services are the unsung heroes of workspace sanitation and an investment that would be worthwhile for any type of business. These services are great at maintaining a healthy, clean and safe work environment through daily janitorial services. This is a highly specialized position that keeps your building looking phenomenal when that unexpected guest visits, employees and customers. Day porters look for ways to optimize the upkeep process to ensure everything runs smoothly. Let’s take a deeper dive at exactly what day porter services entail.

What Is a Day Porter?

Day porters, to put it simply, are present during the actual work day during your work hours maintaining the cleanliness of your facility. Typical janitorial contractors operate after work hours with a specific scope of work. Day porters are also professionally trained with the proper skills to conduct best practices and use advanced equipment for proper disinfection of the workplace. They disinfect/sanitize high touch and high traffic areas throughout the day to prevent bacteria buildup to lessen the chance of illness.

Customizable and Easy to Manage

One of the more unique aspects of day porter services and quite frankly goes with the BCS motto, day porter service schedule and checklists are completely customizable to fit YOUR needs. If there are more difficult areas or aspects that need to be cleaned more frequently, day porters can most certainly add to their checklist of duties. Day porters’ jobs are to ultimately care for your building or facility to the best of their ability which makes communication with them crucial so you get the best outcome possible.

By having a day porter in your workspace, they essentially become an extension of your staff. At the end of the day, your janitorial contractor manages the day porters, so if a problem arises you can reach out to your janitorial contractor to aid in and address the issues.

Extended Hours of Cleanliness

Day porters are great at time management and find the most effective ways to keep your business clean for longer periods of time. If you already have a cleaning service that comes after hours like most, what happens when you have busy days where your bathrooms end up with piles of paper towels by the trash and no toilet paper and unflushed toilets? Most ordinary employees will not be going out of their way to clean that up. Day porters make sure that every single day, no matter what time it is, that your facility looks top-notch.

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Warehouse Cleaning and Why it is Important

It is an essential part of any business to keeping your office or workspace clean, including warehouses or manufacturing plants which can get especially dirty pretty quickly. These types of workspaces are going to be quite larger than your typical office space, in which case they are likely to collect more debris with harder to reach places. Maintaining a regular strict cleaning schedule can prevent an accumulation of all the dust and debris.

As with other workspaces as well, a dirty warehouse takes away from being productive in operations by posing health and safety risks to your employees. A clean warehouse increases productivity and is easier and safer for workers. Below, we will discuss some main areas that warehouse cleaning should be focused on.


Warehouse floors see a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis and can make it difficult for the floors to be maintained. This area should be a top priority. Your cleaning service should be maintaining the floors clean of spills, dirt, scuff marks etc., with dust mops, scrubbers and other sweeper machines. The most common types of floors that should know how to be cleaned and maintained are concrete, tile, stole, carpet and rubber.


Another high priority area are the bathrooms. It is very crucial to the health and safety of warehouse workers and employees that all high touch areas and surfaces be sanitized daily. These typically include all counter tops, sinks and surround, toilets and the bases of them, door handles/push plates, fixtures etc.

Waste Management

Warehouses and manufacturing plants typically operate with longer extended hours than your typical office along with the high traffic. This makes the removal of all garbage and waste very critical to keep your warehouse running as smoothly as possible. When this is not done regularly and consistently, trash can pile up in the trash bins themselves, or it can start to creep into higher traffic common areas blocking machinery. This will cause problems with safety as well as productivity.

Some of the more common waste items in warehouses are paper products and cardboard, which can end up being homes to rodents, cockroaches or other types of pests! This could obviously have an impact negatively on inventory and overall productivity.

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Janitorial Services in Southeastern PA & New Jersey – Find Out if Your Facility Needs Them!

Everybody wants a clean working environment to increase productivity and morale in the office. Business owners, Facilities Managers, Office Managers etc. can be tempted to take care of this themselves instead of outsourcing this. Why? To save money of course! This may be doable and manageable if you have a smaller facility with a handful of employees. This can get very overwhelming, very fast. This may force you to reconsider your strategy or approach on the cleaning. Below, we will go over a few touch points that may be a sign you need to outsource your cleaning services.

Larger Office Space

As your business grows or changing locations, keeping up with the cleaning along with your everyday work responsibilities can cause an abundance of added unnecessary stress. For example, if your office consists of larger windows, shelving that needs to be dusted, cobwebs in higher corners/light fixtures etc., flooring that is in a high traffic area, an outsourced cleaning service may be the answer instead of doing all of this yourself.

This all takes a lot of extra time to complete and maintain. As with anything, the larger the space the more time it will take and the more cleaning you will have to do. Don’t let your office get out of hand and finding yourself not keeping the office in the shape you once did without any resolution!


One of the, if not the biggest problem in offices is…DUST! It will build up on shelves or any other untouched surfaces that will end up circulating through the air and aggravate allergies or respiratory problems. Dusting does take a lot of time and is a bigger chore than you may think and needs to be done properly with the right amount of time and tools. Professional cleaners will know how to not just have it stirred up in the air.

There are a lot of forgotten areas to clean in an office setting. As listed above, high ceilings with corners along with tops of filing cabinets, shelving etc. can be neglected over time. This can be due to lack of time or energy or lack of resources to get high up places. Along with that, you risk safety for you and your employees.


Bathroom upkeep can be challenging since they are the most used places. Bathrooms that are dirty can and will make a large impression on anybody that walks in them. It takes a lot of time, effort and quite frankly isn’t the most desirable of jobs to complete. Especially for employees who were never hired to do such that.

Keeping up with bathrooms goes deeper than what may meet the eye. Tasks such as scrubbing the toilet, mopping floors, sanitizing the sinks and restocking paper goods and soap dispensers can get very tedious. Not only that but to properly clean bathrooms you would need to close them down, and this is not always as easy during the work day.

It can be difficult to notice a lot of this in a facility that you work in everyday and not necessarily looking for it. Sometimes, you may need to just hit the pause button for a second, sit back and observe your surroundings to see all of this that others may see and you just simply don’t.

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