About Us

BCS_VanOur story dates back to 1987 when my father Tom his partner Bob started K.B. Cleaning, Inc.  For 20 years, K.B. Cleaning provided complete janitorial maintenance solutions for the who’s who of banking customers in the Bucks, Philadelphia and Montgomery counties.  Working for PNC Bank, Fleet Bank and Summit to name a few, K.B. Cleaning became a local market leader in janitorial service.  In 2008 KB Cleaning merged with BCS Facilities Group.  BCS Facilities Group has serviced customers from Delaware to Northern New Jersey and has continued to provide the high level of service necessary to earn and retain a loyal customer base.  BCS Facilities Group is currently responsible for the maintenance of nearly a million square feet of property each month.  To learn about the suite of maintenance services we offer visit our service offerings page.