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Why Professional Floor Maintenance Is of the Utmost Importance For Your Office

Floor maintenance is key when running an office, warehouse, stadium, etc. you name it. No matter the scene, floors always get some sort of foot traffic with some places heavier than others and become prone to wear and tear. Every business owner or Facilities manager wants to keep a great environment for all staff and visitors alike. Below, we will go over a few main reasons why you should prioritize getting your floors professionally maintained since flooring is a large investment for your business.

Showcasing Your Business

First impressions can make or break a relationship with a client or even a potential client. If you ask yourself one question, would you return to a business or building if right off the bat you know for a fact the place is not well maintained and often neglected? The answer is probably not! You want to be able to showcase your building to reflect what your values and brand truly are. Stop losing business or worrying about losing business because of how your building presents itself.

Regularly maintaining your floors professionally with a wide variety of advanced methods will ensure dirt and stains be removed. Whether it is wood, vinyl, marble, stone, carpet there is a method to help! Make sure your floors are regularly maintained and conduct a deeper clean annually or semi-annually to ensure the best results possible.

Losing Money with Negligence

Once again, flooring is a huge investment for your business, so you want to make sure the maintenance of your floors are better. This will provide longevity for your floors which prevents the hassle of replacing and/or repairing. Unnecessary money out the door that could be better used elsewhere. Let’s be honest, damage to your flooring over time is inevitable with constant foot traffic, debris, water damage and even sunlight all play a role in damaging your floors. But, if properly maintained and looked after this will prevent the effects from these elements from showing, and saving you the time and money to attempt to fix floors that are just simply too far gone.

With the help and knowledge from experts in the cleaning industry, it will be a lot easier to correctly identify the proper ways to care for your floors.

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3 Tips For Commercial Cleaning in the Winter Time

With winter just a few days away – even though it may not fully feel like it – in the midst of the holiday season, lets all take some time to start preparing your office or facility for the upcoming winter months before temperatures begin to fall even further. Let’s take a look at the top 5 tips for keeping you and your employees safe this upcoming winter season here in the PA and NJ area.


The #1 and most important tip which you should be doing year round is disinfecting and regularly cleaning your workspace. This is as especially important in the winter months as this is the season primed for the flu and colds. It is extra important to keep your employees safe and healthy during these months. It may behoove of you to reach out to your current janitorial service to schedule an extra deep cleaning. If you do not have a service already, BCS Facilities Group provides an array of cleaning services, day or night to help protect and keep you and your employees safe.

Entryways and Walkways

With the winter months comes snow, rain sleet or all the above! This can lead to a slip and fall hazard for employees or visitors entering and exiting your facility. Ways to avoid this is to make sure you set forth safety protocols for clearing walkways or paths by using anti-slip products such as salt or even runners to absorb water by the doorways leading to the outside.

Floor Deep Clean

To piggy back off of the previous tip, flooring remains to get a lot of use as is the case year-round. With the outside elements especially the use of salt, snow and people tracking all of that in with heavy duty shoes, this can cause some damage to your floors. This is where walkway mats or carpet runners can come in handy as well.

It is very important to make sure your facility is well maintained this upcoming winter season as we all start to slowly transition back into office life. Make sure your employees are well educated about the importance of health and safety during these harsh and cold winter months ahead. BCS Facilities Group has provided janitorial services for over 30 years with our “Boots on the Ground” experts here to serve YOU with the highest quality and reliable service. Stay safe and stay healthy!

Cleanup Tips and Messes to Avoid for That Halloween Office Party

Every year in October comes that ever so famous and fun tradition of having a Halloween office party. A brief period where you can put work aside and have a little fun. Whether your office decides to have a party this year or not – which could be used as future reference -, here are some expert tips and advice to avoid those dreadful after party messes you are stuck cleaning up.

Plan Ahead of Time

Make sure everything is clean prior! I know this can be difficult sometimes, but hindsight being 20/20 you will be thankful after the fact. This way the aftermath of the party itself will be at least a little more bearable and manageable during the cleanup. Let’s be real, the harsh reality of cleaning up is the real horror of Halloween!

Trash, Trash…and more TRASH

All parties aside, trash can be a quick build up in a typical office setting. But, (cheesy pun alert) unless you live on Elm Street, there is no reason to create a nightmare with all the messy trash! If you do not already have on hand you can always ask your friendly neighborhood janitorial servicer for large trash bags to make rounding up trash that much easier. This will be easier to create designated trash spots for everybody to dispose of their trash. These are an absolute MUST as with all the typical office trash you will be adding paper plates, napkins, utensils, wrappers, decorations etc.

Easy Access to Cleaning Supplies

Ok, so this one may be a no brainer. When is the last time you have been to a party without a spill or accident? With food, drinks, activities all going on at once, spills or accidents are bound to happen. Some can be very messy and, in the moment you may decide to do a quick fix and brush it off for a deeper clean after the party is over. The reasoning for this? To put it simple, nobody wants to miss a party because of cleaning up! Everyone has that “fear of missing out” or just straight up do not want to waste time in the middle of a party with cleaning. Trust us when we say this, avoid these scary after the fact consequences with potential staining, and other permanent damages. Have supplies on hand that are easily accessible which will help make this process easier and quicker with no lingering headache for those pesky after party stains.

The After Party

With the party in the rear view, everybody going home and seemingly in the blink of an eye an empty office with nothing left but the leftover mayhem staring right at you. This is the moment when you realize that everybody still has to come into work the next day. There may be a couple things you want to consider of possibly hiring professionals to help you out.

Just like most everybody else you have a life outside the office that need to be attended to. Cleaning takes time and to keep circling back to the common theme here, you want to save as much TIME as possible. Especially with tasks that aren’t and shouldn’t be your responsibility. There is a lot that goes into cleaning when you look at all that needs to be done, floors, counters, surfaces, decorations, trash and not to mention everything else in between with spills etc. Cleaning up after any sort of party can be difficult and needs to be done correctly. Professional cleaning companies will provide you time and resources and not to mention more knowledge going into the after-party cleanup.

Have a happy and safe Halloween from all of us at BCS Facilities Group!