Floor Waxing in Yardley, PA

BCS Facilities Group is the most comprehensive, detailed and technologically sophisticated provider of floor waxing services in Yardley, PA. Our business is fully committed to not only making your location look its best, but making your life easier when it comes to managing your facility.

The BCS team offers a number of options when it comes to floor waxing in Yardley, PA.  Each customer receives a fully customized cleaning plan built specifically to suit the needs of your building.  We supply floor waxing services that are as individual as your business.

BCS Facilities Group relies only on state of the art floor waxing technology and equipment.  Our products are proven to clean more effectively and last longer than run of the mill cleaning equipment.  It is our promise to you that BCS will provide the most comprehensive floor waxing services in Yardley, PA, or your money back.

Our floor waxing service includes basic services such as:

  • VCT Tile Refinishing
  • Stone Tile Refinishing
  • Terrazzo Floor Refinishing
  • Tile Stripping
  • Basic Tile Maintenance Programs

We find that our “Class A Facilities Maintenance Package” provides a higher standard of floor waxing in Yardley, PA than any of our competitors.  We would like you to let us prove it!

We offer other cleaning services in Yardley, PA as well!

We also do Powerwashing in Yardley, PA.  We clean all outdoor surfaces, including Concrete, Siding, Stone, Brick, Wood and Roofing.  Dirt lives in the little cracks and crevices in each and every hard exterior surface.  It is our mission to remove those particles from your facility.  BCS also offers Window Cleaning in Yardley, PA.

We are the premier provider of office cleaning in Yardley, PA. While our techniques allow us to attain results that will have your facility looking its best, it is the enthusiasm and commitment of our personnel that really sets us apart. They work hard to ensure that our clients get the best results imaginable. We want to maintain the professionalism of your business by making your site look remarkably well cared for.






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